HELEN GOT BAPTIZED YESTERDAY!!!!!! ahhh I can't even handle how beautiful it was! First of all, her baptismal interview last 2 hours again! Haha man, she is so silly. But we were eating dinner, super nervous the whole time, and then we randomly heard her yell "I AM SO EXCITED!!!!" ..... 5 minutes later she came out and told us she passed! WE WERE SO HAPPY and all jumping up and down so so so happy!!! Wow.

And then Sunday came. Oh- did I mention Aberdeen ward also had a baptism (a member's helper who speaks Indonesian!), and then HELEN, and then the Elders in our ward had Chan Gam Yan, the cutest deaf man in the world! (haha he came to the Relief Society activity the other night and made chinese desserts with all of us women. hehehe. and sometimes he comes to the church and we're just doing our studies so he'll just sit next to us and read the Book of Mormon. he's so precious!)

Anyway, it was the most beautiful moment seeing all these wonderful people follow the example of Jesus Christ and get baptized. Wow. I can't even describe it! The Saturday before, we fitted Helen in her baptismal clothes and when she walked out, I felt like we had just found the perfect bridal dress. haha seriously, it was like my daughter was getting married! Dad, can we fly out when Helen gets married in the temple please? ;) anyway, it was so happy!

Helen even got dressed in her baptismal clothes 45 minutes before the service started. hehe. and it was PACKED with people! EVERYONE came. Then just 5 minutes before the baptism, we all had a meeting--us missionaries, the people members helping them get baptized dressed in white, and the beautiful, humble people ready to take a huge leap of faith in following Jesus Christ! man, we were all standing in a circle, and then we all knelt down in prayer and the spirit filled the room. ah, so grateful.

Then when Helen got baptized, Sister Cheung and I were just crying and grabbing each other's hands. We have worked so hard with this girl! I love her so much and I'm so grateful she finally has this opportunity to follow Jesus Christ! and to think--she used to believe in Gyun Yam! Wow. People can change.

When we watched her get baptized, I pictured the beautiful picture of Jesus Christ getting baptized by John the Baptist. The picture that we've shown tons of people on the streets, inviting them to follow the example of Jesus Christ and covenant with God. And this is EXACTLY what Helen just did! The Spirit was so strong I can't even describe it.

When Chan Gam Yan got baptized, our deaf member Brother Lee baptized him, but he signed it. it was so SO cool, I've never seen anything like that before! once again, the spirit flooded the room. This has made every moment of the mission worth it, and it has motivated me even more to help everyone I meet also follow the example of Jesus Christ through baptism.

All I want is for everyone to have this incredible chance to start their lives over and become a new person through Christ. I know there is a Christ. I know He suffered for all of our sins, afflictions, frustrations, imperfections, insecurities, and pains, so we today can use His Atonement and His grace and be changed! We can receive this divine strength and power and support that can only come through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I know there is a Christ. I know this because I know we have a Heavenly Father who loves us, who hears our prayers, and who definitely answers them through the promptings of the Holy Ghost and through the many miracles we see each day. Because there is a God, I know He is just, loving and fair, and for that, He gave us His Only Son, Jesus Christ. I know Jesus Christ is my Savior. He suffered and died for us; He established His church on the earth and I know that we have His original true church today! And that through His gospel, we can repent, and we can be forgiven- we can change. I love this!

Thank you all for your prayers for Helen. I am so happy for her! She belongs in her ward, it is her family.

So just to feel in some details, Helen is actually in Aberdeen ward, not Pok Fu Lam. We just had special permission to teach her. So unfortunately, we have to turn her over now to the Aberdeen elders for ABLs. but it's okay :) she's the best!

This week we've also worked a lot with Less Actives. Bobo, a pregnant mom with 3 adorable kids and...a husband, FINALLY opened up to us! She can't come to church because her husband's dad is totally against us, and he's home all day Sunday's. but she gave us her schedule, and we'll be visiting her consecutively 3 times a week. Pray for Bobo! She is such humble, strong woman and needs so much help!

Huge miracles with Angel this week. She's been answering her phone! and (thank you Mindi for this advice!) we've been calling a group of LAs every day and just simply reading  a scripture with them. So because of that, we got to teach Angel, she came to an awesome RS activity, AND to another activity! Wow! And she's coming to stake conference next week! We've been working with these LA's since day one I've been here and have been seeing more success now than ever before.  It's so wonderful being able to help people!

I love you all! thank you for all you do and for all your prayers! keep praying for the gift of tongues please haha. haha phew I'm learning a lot, ;)

I love this work SO MUCH!

Love, Sister Bosler

Ahhhhhh my girl!!!!!!!! :) :) :)  get ready for picture overload.

  Right after Helen passed! I've never seen her so so happy!! :)
Helen got baptized!!

We also have geckos. thank you sister cheung. so brave. ;)

 At the end of our lesson, Angel told us to try to pick her up. if you knew Angel's personality, you would die at this picture! haha man i love these people.

 Us and Bobo's little boys. haha i love them so much! this was such a powerful lesson with Bobo though. we love her! The best part was her opening up, and then us committing her to pray tonight and her looking at us like "duh. i'm nothing without prayer!" :)

 Before and after pics of Bobo's kids!

 Such a fun and successful activity!

 We made those cool glutinous rice balls with either sesame, peanut, or red bean inside. Angel kept making them for us haha.

 :) everyone at the activity! Usually when we have activities, it's both Pok Fu Lam and Aberdeen wards. So here's both. Can you spot Chan Gam Yan? hehe.

 Helen and investigator Christy!

 Braiding Helen's hair right before the baptism :)

 a bunch of adorable youth (both wards) and Helen and us missionaries!

All 3 people that got baptized. I love how diverse our area is. ah, can't get over it. i seriously wish I had Chan Gam Yan's baptism on video since it was all signed. love it. the gospel truly is for every person in the world, no matter who you are!

OH! So at the baptism, Sister Cheung and I matched. haha and ohhhh my gosh it was the funnest thing of our liiiives! All the members kept taking pictures with us because they thought it was so cute! haha man, I love our ward. they feel like family!

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