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I'm so sorry I forgot to tell you p-day was changed this week to Thursday! We got to go to the temple today so it was changed for schedule purposes. Next p-day will be Monday! :)

Well the other day we were caught in an 8-level typhoon, which means we couldn't go outside! Luckily we were just doing studies anyway, but the rain outside was horizontal! Pretty sweet huh! Haha then that day we went finding with a member and oh man, talk about a bad day to wear skirts. It was sooo windy! at one point, it stopped all 3 of us in our tracks for a good 15 seconds. Sister Cheung and I were just dying of laughter. hahaha She's so great.

Speaking of finding with members, what a difference it makes! This has been part of our goal of being more unified with Pok Fu Lam ward. For example, one day we decided to schedule one sister we don't have a relationship with. She was totally willing to  schedule and find with us for TWO hours! And we actually learned so much from her, too. The next day at church, she became a different person! She sat by our investigator, during a baptism showed her pictures of baptism and explained the importance of it, and got her number. so awesome! Then, she even scheduled a time to take us out to dinner with an investigator or LA! And before we went finding with this woman in our ward, we had only just said hi at church and really had no relationship. Missionary work brings miracles! Another day we went finding with our bishops 16 year old daughter. It was her first time. haha We met in Chi Fu Fa Yeun, and it was POURING rain for the full 2 hours we were finding with her. and none of us brought umbrellas. so we quickly ran to her house, drenched, and her helper opens the door and starts yelling at her to change and stay inside but she said, "no. the work must continue!" She's AWESOME! I love these members! There aren't many in our ward, but that's no problem because it's just going to grow and grow, right? :)

Well, 2 Sunday's ago we met and incredible 20 year old in Wah Fu named Florence. At the time on the street, she ushered us into a dark corner to talk to her. She seemed really interested in our message. the next day she called us, after we rescheduled her, saying to never come to her parent's store, because they are very traditional chinese (which means they hate us and anti big time). So we've been calling her and sharing scriptures and then she came to church and even stayed for a baptism! Then she opened up to us and told her all about her life--and man, she just needs this gospel so bad! She told us that she was super depressed when we met her, but after we left, she felt hope and love. She doesn't believe in a God, but she has hope that He exists. We've been so so excited to teach her! After the baptism, we gave her a Book of Mormon, and promised her the incredible blessings and guidance from it and kept encouraging her to pray. that night she went out of town for 2 days, and when she came back, she called us and canceled our apt with her. She said her parents found the Book of Mormon and freaked out. She's not allowed to see us, go to church, anything. we are so SOOOO SAD. We can keep calling her though, but only in secret, and we're going to try to schedule her at members homes where no one will see her. Pray for Florence!

By the way, Helen went finding with us! MOST AWESOME THING EVER. haha She is so hilarious. Just love her so much!

By the way I ended training last Friday!

OH! and want to know the best thing ever? The Book of Mormon! haha seriously, Helen is continuing reading it, and Ashley, the 'lost sheep' we found, has been marking up her copy like crazy! we are so happy for her. The other YW have taken her in so welcoming in the ward. yay! :)

Temple today! roommates! These sisters are in West Point area, where we all live.

 And here's Sister Cheung with a pohpo SMOKING behind her. aw man... haha this is Wah Fu. It's seriously so weird how many old people there are that smoke, drink, and gamble!

 Dinner at a member's. these were actually so good! And they're still in the shell! so pretty huh! The fish her is so fresh. I love eating at members homes... they cook so healthy! Always have a ton of choi and tofu and fish. yup, the best!

Cool dragon thing at a huge Hong Kong member all stake activity!

At that Hong Kong activity. we did relay races! IT WAS SO FUUUUUNNN TO RUUUUNNN!!!! haha.

And check. out. this. flyer. A member of Aberdeen ward made it for us. We did not expect them to turn out this awesome! Hahah YESS!!! It's for Less Actives when we start our less active finding! Dad can you read any of it? If you can, I'm SO impressed!! I can't believe how much you can sik tai!

With Ashley and her mom (also lost sheep) and a family helping fellow ship.

Our deaf family! By the way, we get to teach a deaf less active now!! Chan Ying! YESS!!! We also saw Sister Yeung this week! ...She forgot everything again. She's so precious. haha bless Sister Yeung to remember who Jesus is besides "resurrection!" That's always what she signs when we ask her who He is. haha aw. Love her.

LOVED your letter so much. tyler is so cool and awesome! and you're in a quartet?! Who's in it? That is SO Fun! You guys are so fun.

Honestly, though, my fav part of the email was the end. You and jason Bosler TOGETHER are reading a book about Joseph Smith? That's the best thing I've ever heard. I am so grateful for the prophet Joseph Smith! The other day Sister Cheung and I gave a lesson at a member's home about how precious the Book of Mormon is and how much Moroni sacrificed (35 years alone), Joseph Smith sacrificed (his life) and every prophet has sacrificed so we could read from it today. So grateful for our prophets! How is Jason? I pray for you all all the time! Love you so much!

Aw wow, Ally came home? I'm almost on the verge of bawling for her. I never understood why people would go home, but now I do. I can absolutely relate with her on that one! I definitely won't come home, but it's crazy bc as a pre-missionary, you have all these dreams and visions of who you'll be, what you'll do... and of course, you're none of that. It's pretty hard, but it's all a part of learning! It's all apart of growing and relying on God. I've relied SO much on Him and I have been using Christ's Atonement every day. His grace is definitely what gets me through and gives me that divine power and strength that I'm NOT letting Him down, but that my best is just what He wants to see. Even if my best is only 10% of every other missionary. It's just so important to not compare on a mission! I'll be praying for her. wow, my heart feels so much for her! I admire her for doing what the Lord wants her to do. By the way, if it weren't for President Hawks, I probably would've been in the same boat haha. BUT I am loving it! I'm loving the ups after the downs! Im loving pushing myself, setting goals, and relying on God! it's so good for me. I love you! Thank you soooo much for the smoothie stuff... I'm almost out of the apple powder. seriously, I make 1-2 smoothies a day and it really has changed how I feel haha! love you so much! I'm so grateful for you! Is there any deep blue you can send? I use Lavendar and Pepermint every day! You're the best, Mom. :)
Love, Sister Bosler

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